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Our vision

Easy, fun & fast.
"A sound decision is made based on knowledge"

The real estate sector is fundamentally changing. (Big) Data of buildings and their area is becoming faster and better available. The effective analysis and the use of this information is crucial for the management of real estate.

Cleverstone adds value by systematically gathering information and applying intelligent real estate solutions. With our in-house developed GRIP concept we are able to realise significant savings on your lease portfolio.

Whether it is a renegotiation of an existing lease, or performing in-depth analyses on your rental portfolio; with Cleverstone, each organisation has the right real estate professional. Our 100% focus on the end user ensures that our interests are always linked to that of our customers. This makes that Cleverstone is focused on the right solution and not on the transaction. This allows us to manage your real estate intelligently. Easy, fun & amp; fast .

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Our focus

Innovatie & Real Estate = Cleverstone
Smarter & more effective portfolio analysis

Cleverstone adds value by systematically gathering data about the te building, the user and the surroundings and applying intelligent real estate solutions. All this with the aim to manage your real estate portfolio numerous times smarter and more efficient.

Focussed on CREM

Cleverstone works with passion for real estate users. We understand the interest of our customers with our base in the public and commercial real estate sector. This is why our focus is for the full 100% on achieving the right solution and not on the transaction.

Grip® on real estate

With GRIP® we offer a free interactive dashboard with all the essential internal and external data which is displayed realtime in the app. The gained insights can be enriched by Big Data of the real estate market, the building or the user. Cleverstone; Real Estate with Intelligence.

Our team

Farid Azarkan
Farid Azarkan
Managing Partner
Drs. Farid Azarkan MSc RE MRICS has over 20 years of management experience in both the public and corporate real estate sector. He was Director Real Estate at the Central Government Buildings Agency the past five years.
Tim Schelle
Tim Schelle
Tim Schelle MSc focuses on innovation and business case issues. Tim is entrepreneurial and thorough in his projects and makes complicated matters simple. The past three years he worked at the Central Real Estate Agency as asset manager and contract manager DBFMO.
Samir Redouani
Samir Redouani
Interested in a (junior) position @ Cleverstone? Send us your motivation and CV to Please contact Farid Azarkan for any further information.

Our partners

Cleverstone strives to enrich the world of real estate management with easy, enjoyable and fast real estate solutions. We cannot achieve this by ourselves, therefore we strongly believe in partnerships. Becoming a partner? Please contact us!


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